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Testers wanted for lang/perl5 update to version 5.10.1


I would like to update the pkgsrc/lang/perl5 package to the
5.10.1 version of Perl.

I have tested an updated package on NetBSD/i386 5.0.1,
4.0.1 and 3.1 as well as on NetBSD/sparc64 3.1_STABLE.
I plan to test NetBSD/i386 current and NetBSD/sparc64 5.0.1.

I would like to hear about tests on other platforms.

People interested could grab at
an archive of my update and at least try to 'make test' it
and 'make install' it.

It contains the perl5  pkgsrc directory, perl5/, so move away your
existing pkgsrc/lang/perl5 directory and extract the archive into the
pkgsrc/lang directory.

Best regards, Stoned.

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