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Re: SunOS with no audio installed

On 22.11.2009, at 11:12, OBATA Akio wrote:

On Sat, 21 Nov 2009 19:53:32 +0900, Filip Hajny <> wrote:

On 21.11.2009, at 11:45, OBATA Akio wrote:

BTW, I can't find why libsndfile succeed to build without sys/
audioio.h, it seems that
sndfile_play is always built (and if no sys/audioio.h on Solaris,
failed to build).

As explained above, sndfile_play is not Solaris-specific, and only
includes audioio.h on Solaris platforms.

Yes, it should be failed to compile sndfile_play.c and failed to "make build",
instead of succeed to build with missing sndfile_play.
Even if audlo-support-less platforms, sndfile_play will be built
(and it just say "not support" every execution).

Yeah, the problem is that the software's configure senses the include file not being there, and simply doesn't include the dependent binary/ lib in the resulting Makefile. So everything's 'graceful' from the original developer's point of view. We can either keep their logic in place and replicate it in PLIST, or we can patch their Sun audio logic away and replace with a user settable preference. What's the more pkgsrc-ish approach?

Filip Hajny
Joyent Inc.

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