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Re: SunOS with no audio installed

On 21.11.2009, at 11:45, OBATA Akio wrote:

By your suggested patch, PLIST.sunaudio != yes on other platforms.
It should be

+PLIST_VARS+=           sunaudio
+.if ${OPSYS} != "SunOS" || exists(/usr/include/sys/audioio.h)
+PLIST.sunaudio=                yes

Yes, in the case of libsndfile, where the sndfile_play binary may use other libraries on non-Sun systems. In other cases, e.g. Python, is listed for SunOS in general, but some Solaris systems may be missing the audio support needed.

You may use "features" for the purpose.

Yes, this sounds like a much better approach, thanks. I'll submit a patch for approval before I commit this.

BTW, I can't find why libsndfile succeed to build without sys/ audioio.h, it seems that sndfile_play is always built (and if no sys/audioio.h on Solaris, failed to build).

As explained above, sndfile_play is not Solaris-specific, and only includes audioio.h on Solaris platforms.

Filip Hajny
Joyent Inc.

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