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Re: misc/vym distinfo checksum update

In article <> Robert wrote:

  Thank you, Robert, for the detailed and excellent explanation of
this problem.

: On Oct 31, the distinfo file for misc/vym was
: changed, with this log message (from CVS $Id$ 1.3 to 1.4)...

:         - Updated the PLIST file
:         - corrected the checksum in distinfo
:         - added LICENSE term inside Makefile
:         - bumped revision

: It is too late to do anything about this now,

  I disagree.  Please do include a DIST_SUBDIR.  It will incur an
additional refetch for those who got the new distfile after the
update, but it will spare those that did not yet but have the old
distfile the error you saw.

: but the
: 2nd of those was done the wrong way, it is inappropriate to
: "correct a distinfo checksum" - if the distinfo file has
: changed, we need to find out why (to make sure the change is
: not the introduction of a trojan - usually it is just an
: ignorant upstream developer who doesn't know that a changed
: file should have a change revision, but ...)

: And second, when it is confirmed OK, and updated, the new
: (updated) distfile needs to go ion a DIST_SUBDIR - otherwise
: people (like me in this case) who had the original distfile,
: never fetch the updated one, we just get "distfile checksum error"
: instead (or words to that effect.)

  Also, please don't use PKGREV in DIST_SUBDIR, as PKGREV might get
bumped due to a number of reasons, none of which require the distfile
to be refetched.


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