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Re: misc/vym distinfo checksum update

I just said, (amongst a longer rant) ...

        - if the distinfo file has changed, we need to find out why
        (to make sure the change is not the introduction of a trojan ...)

I meant to actually do that before sending the message, I just
decided to type while the updated distfile was fetching, then
by the time I finished typing, I forgot ...

The changes are sustantial, not a trojan (it appears) but this
is nothing like the same version.

In fact, internally (and in doc) this appears to be called 1.12.2h
what we had before might have been plain old 1.12.2 (or perhaps,
from what's in the upstreal changelog) 1.12.2d (or something else).

There are lots of changes (bug fixes, added message translations, ...)

If the upstream model is going to be to release new versions, in the
same distfile name, with a (hidden) suffix version changing, then
pkgsrc absolutely needs a DIST_SUBDIR which should be something like


and the PKG_VERSION should reflect this (real) version number), not
just the 1.12.2 which covers a whole set of different versions, it

Then someone who cares about the package, and not just pkgsrc (ie: not me),
should scream loudly at the upstream developers, and try and get them to be


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