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Re: Showstoppers in pkgsrc [Was: Partial update for pulseaudio-0.9.15: libtool-2.x needed]

On Mon, May 18, 2009 at 08:40:43AM +0300, Hasso Tepper wrote:
> and on the way to update applications. We should really do something with 
> these. 
> * gettext. As someone who fought with i18n issues in the KDE project for 
>   eight years I say that ignoring context info in translations isn't 
>   any way an acceptable solution (MSGFMT_STRIP_MSGCTXT). Seriously. What 
>   is in the way to update it?

The problem is that the NetBSD base system doesn't support all that's
needed by the latest gettext (though I forget what exactly).
There's an easy workaround though: make pkgsrc use the gettext package
from pkgsrc by default until there is a NetBSD release that has the
necessary support.
Downside: lots of dependencies on gettext that could mostly be
avoided, and lots of PKGREVISION bumps when we switch.

I think we should go forward this way though; i.e. update pkgsrc
gettext and default all opsys (or at least NetBSD) to use it.
If you feel like doing that, _please_ go ahead :)


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