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Showstoppers in pkgsrc [Was: Partial update for pulseaudio-0.9.15: libtool-2.x needed]

Thomas Klausner wrote:
> I tried updating pulseaudio to 0.9.15, but it insists on libtool-2.x
> (in particular, libltdl-2.x), which stops it in the configure
> step. I'm not ready to do that libtool update, so I stopped after
> making all the patches apply...

There are three major things in the pkgsrc which are really out of date 
and on the way to update applications. We should really do something with 

* libtool. I remember some bits of info that Joerg had plans to update it?

* gettext. As someone who fought with i18n issues in the KDE project for 
  eight years I say that ignoring context info in translations isn't 
  any way an acceptable solution (MSGFMT_STRIP_MSGCTXT). Seriously. What 
  is in the way to update it?

* xorg. xorg-server 1.4 and Mesa 7.0 are not versions upstream developers 
  accept any problem reports (this includes drivers etc). I'm in progress 
  to make at least preliminary packages for Mesa 7.4 and xserver 1.6. 
  There is one major problem with it - I don't work on NetBSD, so someone 
  else should do this. Anyone?


Hasso Tepper

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