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Re: up2date - something for NetBSD?

On Sat, Apr 11, 2009 at 08:16:08PM +0300, Aleksey Cheusov wrote:
> >   Currently, pkg_summary is created by running pkg_info -X on all
> > binary paackges, and that should not change (as it allows to easily
> > (re)create the summary).
> >   So, I would suggest recording the neccessary information in the
> > relevant binary package and have pkg_info -X output it.
> How about adding to 'pkg_info -X' output an information with which
> version of python/php/apache the package was built.
> In pkg_summary-utils I use the following notation:
>   PKGNAME=ap2-py23-python-3.3.1
>   PKGPATH=www/ap2-python
>   ...
>   <other fields here>
> ASSIGNMENTS variable allows to easily implement source-based upgrades
> without hacks aroung package's name.

My very own opinion about that is that we should scrap the ability of
supporting multiple versions for that kind of things from pkgsrc.

And the NetBSD Foundation should definitely not distribute multiple
variants from a single repository of binary packages.  I would
understand having e.g. two variants, one with no options, one with all
possible options, but it's such a slippery slope pkgsrc I've fallen on
so many times that I don't think pkgsrc should bother.

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