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Re: up2date - something for NetBSD?

 >> > How about adding to 'pkg_info -X' output an information with which
 >> > version of python/php/apache the package was built.
 >> > In pkg_summary-utils I use the following notation:
 >> >   PKGNAME=ap2-py23-python-3.3.1
 >> >   PKGPATH=www/ap2-python
 >> >   ...
 >> >   <other fields here>
 >> > ASSIGNMENTS variable allows to easily implement source-based upgrades
 >> > without hacks aroung package's name.
 >> If nobody objects, I'll try to make a patch for this feature.

> Is the purpose of this for building a custom package that is not currently 
> installed based on some pkg_summary database that contains "custom" 
> packages (built not using defaults)?

> If for upgrading from source something already installed, why not just use 
> pkg_info -B? I am probably misunderstanding ...

The goal is to have an information how binary for multivariant package
was built, that is, given a binary ap2-py23-wsgi-1.3.tbz I'd like to
know this binary was built with apache2 and python23.  This is necessary
to make possible comparison binary repository vs. source tree and to run
bulk builds for multivariant packages based on results of such

Neither -X nor -B provide this information.

 0 0 ~>pkg_info -B /srv/pkgsrc_bin/Debian/All/ap2-py23-wsgi-1.3.tbz | grep 23
Information for /srv/pkgsrc_bin/Debian/All/ap2-py23-wsgi-1.3.tbz:

 0 0 ~>pkg_info -X /srv/pkgsrc_bin/Debian/All/ap2-py23-wsgi-1.3.tbz | grep 23

 0 0 ~>

It is currently unclear what variable(s) I should set to what
value(s) in order to build www/ap2-wsgi(ap2-py23-wsgi-1.3)

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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