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Re: strong words about pkgsrc

"Larson, Timothy E." <> wrote:
> What can be done to address concerns such as these?

Well, the case of IRIX is somewhat special here -- there never was much
interest, as best as I could tell (which, of course, is somewhat of a
chicken-and-the-egg problem).  I used to occasionally find time to try
to fix things here and there, but some time around late 2006 I lost
access to the systems I used to use for this purpose.

(I'm not commenting on how long it takes for bugs to get resolved or any
of the other general problems you noted.  They're all valid concerns.)

Conceptually, I'd like to help in this area.  Realistically, I don't
have much time, though if I had access to a system, I'd probably try to
fix this'n'that every once in a while.


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