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enforcing pkgsrc/category/$PKGBASE

        Wouldn't it be nice if each package was always in a directory
        which matched the $PKGBASE. It would make it much easier and
        quicker for tools (and people) to map back and forth between
        them, and also allow us to (potentially) cleanup the DEPENDS

            DEPENDS+= www/p5-Catalyst-Plugin-ConfigLoader>=0.19

        rather than the current rather ugly:

            DEPENDS+= p5-Catalyst-Plugin-ConfigLoader>=0.19:../../www/p5-Catalys

        The flies in this proposed ointment are:
            a) *-devel packages which provider newer compatible versions
               of a base package
            b) ap2?-* packages which can generate apache 1.x 2.0 or 2.2
            c) py-* packages, which generate different output packages
               based on the version of python installed

        Taking these in order:

            a) We could push implicit support for these into pkgsrc. So
               a package foo-devel[0-9]*-* would automatically conflict
               with foo-*, and be treated as identical when matching

            b) We have a somewhat confusing mix of ap{,2,22}-*
               packages in pkgsrc. an ap22-* package will only work
               with apache22, and ap-2 package will work with
               apache2 and *may* work with apache22, and an ap-*
               package will work with apache apache and may work
               with none, one, or both of apache2 and apache22. We
               currently have ap{,2,22}-* packages. Splitting them
               up into explicit ap{13,20,22} directories which each
               only generate a package for a single version of
               apache would add 22 and make it obvious from looking
               at the pkgsrc tree what versions are supported

            c) py-* packages. This fly has teeth. There are 216
               py-* packages and unlike the apache packages which
               tend to need different Makefiles between apache
               versions, we have a nice setup which can build
               multiple versions from a single directory based on
               python version. We *could*:
               - Let python directories be an exception
               - Add explicit package directories, a number of
                 options on this, none of them nice:
                 - add 400+ packages and rename the current, using
                   clever includes pointing to the default version (but
                   we'd need to churn every package when we changed
                   the default). Ick.
                 - add 400+ packages and rename the current,
                   duplicating versions & DESCR etc everwhere. Ick.
                 - Add 600+ packages, using clever includes to the
                   current packages, but that leaves us with these
                   oddball package directories which never build
                   anything. Ick
                 - add 400+ packages and rename the current, all
                   with clever includes pointing to data under
                   lang/pythin. Ick

                Anyone have any thoughts? Have I missed something
                which is not 'ick'?

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