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Re: enforcing pkgsrc/category/$PKGBASE

David Brownlee schrieb:
>     Wouldn't it be nice if each package was always in a directory
>     which matched the $PKGBASE. It would make it much easier and
>     quicker for tools (and people) to map back and forth between
>     them, and also allow us to (potentially) cleanup the DEPENDS
>     format:
>             DEPENDS+= www/p5-Catalyst-Plugin-ConfigLoader>=0.19

This is exactly what I had in mind for some months, but never dared to
suggest. I think there are enough packages to justify this additional

>         rather than the current rather ugly:
>             DEPENDS+=
> p5-Catalyst-Plugin-ConfigLoader>=0.19:../../www/p5-Catalys
> t-Plugin-ConfigLoader

And even this ugly case can be shortened a bit. The "../../" should be
optional. It doesn't provide any value.


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