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flag package as being machine independent? (was Re: Package binaries for NetBSD/arm 4.0 / pkgsrc-2008Q3)

On Tue, 13 Jan 2009, Havard Eidnes wrote to pkgsrc-users:

> In the case of ec-fonts-mftraced, I admit to having cheated, and
> put a doctored package in place, since there's no MD binaries in
> that package.  However, the program which generates the fonts in
> this package is floating-point intensive, and therefore not
> exactly the best match for a shark with no floating-point unit.

Anyway to flag a package (in pkgsrc Makefile) that it is machine 

If used on other system (than package build system), then pkg_add should 
not complain.

Then maybe on FTP server have an "arch" subdirectory called "MI" or 
"generic" or something like that, and then create symlinks as needed?

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