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Some lang/perl5 knobs

Hi Havard, hi Johnny,

as you may noticed, joerg@ committed some minor changes to empower lang/perl5 run fine on AIX when compiling with xlc. But joerg@ didn't commit all I changed and recommented - e.g. joerg@ decided to include the most usual configurations into the RPATH - my change uses a choice via option framework.

The other bigger change joerg@ didn't want to commit was the knob which allows to enable perl's memory debugging. It's known, that perl will not compile safe on some systems when -Dusemymalloc is used - but there are some (e.g. AIX *gg*) and maybe - if someone requires it on NetBSD, (s)he fixes the problems ...

Joerg told me, I should talk to jlam@ to get the patches applied - and rhaen@ told me, you did the update to 5.10.0. So I'm confused and mail you both :)

You can review the patch at

Short version without so much "finger pointing": I have some great enhancement to lang/perl5 - just apply them :)

Best regards,

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