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Fortran is desperatly undersupported


I was trying to get FreeFEM++ running on NetBSD, when found, that
pkgsrc almost doesn't support Fortran-based libraries, except for
very limited extent.

The main problem comes from using f2c, which requires patching the
source to include fake MAIN__ subroutine. On FreeBSD you can link
against libg2c (which is another nasty hack), you don't you have
such option NetBSD. Many interesting practical packages require
real Fortran, sometimes of '90 or '95 standard, and f2c doesn't
give even Fortran-77 compiler of reasonable quality.

Something has to be done with it.

The changes are going to be pretty invasive, hence I'd like to listen
for opinions how it should be dealt with (maybe even recommendations)
before I start looking for possible solutions.


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