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Re: destdir: 'make package' inconsistency

On Wed, 7 Jan 2009 16:47:37 +0100
Marc Espie <> wrote:

> We changed "make package" to just build the package when we implemented
> DESTDIR support in OpenBSD. About the same time we started insisting that
> all packages support DESTDIR, and made that the default.

        A view from the peanut gallery - I was surprised when I found that
make package did an install, also irritated when I found that once I had
done a make install I couldn't do a make package. I've learned to live with
it and I was never motivated to complain (not very irritated) but I think I
would prefer it if make package did not do a make install, and certainly if
it were possible to do a make package when the package is already installed.

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