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Re: destdir: 'make package' inconsistency

We changed "make package" to just build the package when we implemented
DESTDIR support in OpenBSD. About the same time we started insisting that
all packages support DESTDIR, and made that the default.

We didn't get any actual user complaints, it took about 2 weeks for
people to adapt, and they liked the new behavior WAYS more (especially
since going through binary packages all the time means those got tested
ways more, and that we debugged all issues). And we spent about 3 months
fixing all ports to make sure everything was working 100% with DESTDIR set.

Of course, we're probably a smaller team than the netbsd crowd (no idea
about the numbers), but having less knobs and a simpler infrastructure helped
us move forward at a brisker pace and to fix more issues.

That's one decision I never regretted.

Just speaking from personal experience...

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