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Re: destdir: 'make package' inconsistency

Joerg Sonnenberger <> writes:

> The question is what do you base your observation on. If you assume
> that everyone by default is using make package, you can just use
> package-install. Part of the point here is that the different semantic
> is intentional. You are asking the system to create a binary package,
> whether it is installing files to PREFIX or not is an implementation
> detail.

I suppose that's technically true, but tons of people have been running
'make package' to get a package installed and packaged both for a long
time.  The variable DEPENDS_TARGET encourages it.  So I think we should
retain compatible behavior for this (reasonable) usage.  Right now
having the bahvior change is a reason not to turn on destdir support.

> I didn't change the existing install target for a very good reason -- it
> would make do-install and install as targets asymmetric, which is IMO
> even worse.

I don't follow this - I would think that whatever is done to install in
terms of name changes could be done to do-install.

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