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Re: suggested pkglint change: error on missing comment for patch

On Sun, Jan 04, 2009 at 10:27:53AM +0100, Dieter Baron wrote:
 > : Having no comment what this patch should fix makes it nearly impossible
 > : for some patches to update a package. A cvs log doesn't reveal why    
 > : it was done, because it was either added in the first import or part
 > : of a normal update without beeing mentioned.
 > : So at least add a comment why this patch has to be modified.
 >   Exactly.

Right, I don't disagree; I just think we want to be careful about
pushing too hard on the upstream thing.

 >   Also, add a comment mentioning the status with regard to sending the
 > patch upstream.  Could basically be one of the following three:
 > (1) pkgsrc only patch, not needed upstream (e.g. adapt to our build 
 > structure)
 > (2) sent (including bug tracker id if available)
 > (3) not yet sent
 >   So the additional barrier (add a one line comment) is minimal, and
 > we at least know which patches still need to be sent.  We should
 > probably formalize (3) above so we can grep for it.

That sounds like a good balance.

David A. Holland

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