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Re: pkgsrc selfhosting

On Wed, Aug 13, 2008 at 08:44:40PM +0200, Jan Danielsson wrote:
> Adam Hoka wrote:
> [---]
> >They are usually outdated packages, and they don't need mirroring but 
> >updating.
> >If you find a file you cant fetch help us fixing it please. :)
>    Each time I install a fresh NetBSD system, I start out with an empty 
> distfiles/ (yes, the social thing would be to copy over all the 
> distfiles from another system; I'll try to get better at that). After 
> some initial system configurations, I proceed to build a bunch of 
> packages, and let it run over the night (typically takes 14 hours or so 
> to build all my packages).
>    Unfortunately, when I wake up next morning, it's usually hung while 
> attempting to fetch some package. Most often from I really 
> hate when it happens; several hours of built time wasted. And it happens 
> quite often (it's more or less guaranteed to happen at least once each 
> time I start a batch build of all the packages I want). Obviously, the 
> problem is quite rare once all the distfiles are downloaded.
>    Is there some priority system? I would like to try, only as 
> a last resort. And there are some other servers which also like to stall 
> transfers.
>    Or, is it possible to make FTP timeout is the download has been 
> stalled for five minutes?

I have this in my mk.conf:

This way distfiles are downloaded from the local mirror, and
fall back to the package's MASTER_SITE if not available from

Manuel Bouyer <>
        NetBSD: 26 ans d'experience feront toujours la difference

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