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Re: pkgsrc selfhosting

Adam Hoka wrote:
They are usually outdated packages, and they don't need mirroring but updating.
If you find a file you cant fetch help us fixing it please. :)

Each time I install a fresh NetBSD system, I start out with an empty distfiles/ (yes, the social thing would be to copy over all the distfiles from another system; I'll try to get better at that). After some initial system configurations, I proceed to build a bunch of packages, and let it run over the night (typically takes 14 hours or so to build all my packages).

Unfortunately, when I wake up next morning, it's usually hung while attempting to fetch some package. Most often from I really hate when it happens; several hours of built time wasted. And it happens quite often (it's more or less guaranteed to happen at least once each time I start a batch build of all the packages I want). Obviously, the problem is quite rare once all the distfiles are downloaded.

Is there some priority system? I would like to try, only as a last resort. And there are some other servers which also like to stall transfers.

Or, is it possible to make FTP timeout is the download has been stalled for five minutes?

Kind regards,
Jan Danielsson

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