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Re: pkgsrc selfhosting

2008/8/12 Joerg Sonnenberger <>:
> On Tue, Aug 12, 2008 at 06:03:26PM +0200, Zafer Aydo?an wrote:
>> Wouldn't it be great, if pkgsrc would provide all source files
>> (distfiles) by themselves, instead of downloading it from the authors
>> server ?
> Doesn't work as a not so small number of distfiles can't be
> redistributed. Otherwise, what Al says.
> Joerg

I don't agree on the numbers, but it is irrelevant anyway. This files
are not on our servers at the moment. They would be fetched, the old
fashioned way (like it is now).

But I can give you some stats about packages that can't be fetched
from original sources.
About 19% of the files in pkgsrc fail to get fetched. They are
downloaded through master_backup. Which means, that every fifth file
is coming from either or anyway :)


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