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Re: Firefox 3 pkg: configure vs.

I love playing with this pkg w/o understanding any background ;-)

Is it ok that buildlink creates a symlink for /usr/pkg/lib/
in work/.buildlink/lib/ (I suppose that means linking against
an external libsqlite3) while firefox builds it's own version in
./mozilla/db/sqlite3/src/ (and uses internal symlinks to that
during the build)?

I'm not sure if this is related, but I get:

-I/usr/X11R6/include -fno-rtti -fno-exceptions -Wall -Wconversion 
-Wpointer-arith -Woverloaded-virtual -Wsynth -Wno-ctor-dtor-privacy 
-Wno-non-virtual-dtor -Wno-long-long -O2 -pipe -fno-strict-aliasing -Dunix 
-fshort-wchar -pthread -pipe  -DNDEBUG -DTRIMMED -O2  ssltunnel.o    -lpthread 
-Wl,-R/usr/pkg/lib/firefox3  -Wl,-rpath-link,../../../dist/bin  
-L../../../dist/bin -L../../../dist/lib -L../../../dist/lib -lplds4 -lplc4 
-lnspr4 -pthread -L../../../dist/bin -L../../../dist/lib -lcrmf -lsmime3 -lssl3 
-lnss3 -lnssutil3 -lsoftokn3  -lm   -Wl,--export-dynamic   
ld: warning:, needed by ../../../dist/bin/, not 
found (try using -rpath or -rpath-link)
../../../dist/bin/ undefined reference to `sqlite3_bind_int'
../../../dist/bin/ undefined reference to `sqlite3_exec'
make[4]: *** [ssltunnel] Error 1
make[4]: Leaving directory 
make[3]: *** [libs] Error 2


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