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[RFC] update erlang to 12.0b3 (diff)


Attached is a diff to update erlang to 12.0b3, which is a continuation
of my work (credit is also due to Martti Kuparinen) in pkgsrc-wip.  I
undertook this as an exercise and am largely unfamiliar both with the
language itself and some of the changes I made.  If anyone's familiar
with erlang, I'd appreciate the results of the test suite which I have
yet to learn how to run! ;)

Furthermore, I doubt the correctness of patch-am.  Nevertheless, HiPE
(and smp support) seems to work on amd64 (floating point configure
tests pass, at least, heh).  Also, I used MAP_TRYFIXED in lieu of
MAP_32BIT (with the existing hints), as I have not had a chance to
compare their code e.g. the NetBSD/amd64 patch to the XFree86 loader.
IIRC, I had some issues when fiddling with the dialyzer involving
untoward mmap() behavior. That was months ago, though, and my memory
is hazy.

Of course, any comments/fixes/suggestions/etc. are welcome.  I hope
this work proves helpful.



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