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Warning for "make show-needs-update"

  I use "make show-needs-update" to try to get an idea of what's
going to happen (in terms of dependencies) when I build a package.
Not that I'm claiming this is the perfect target for that purpose,
but I've been having troubles with other approaches to this task
for a while (e.g., "show-all-depends-dirs" disappeared years ago /
the behavior of "show-installed-depends" seems to change from time
to time...).

  The warning that "show-needs-update" is being removed was what
prompted this e-mail.  It was on NetBSD/macppc/4.0_STABLE/pkgsrc-
current, if it matters.

  So, what's a good, stock way to get pkgsrc's make-infrastructure
to report exactly what it plans to do about recursive dependencies
(w/o having to install additional packages such as pkg_depgraph,
that is)?

Thanks,  --Dave
Boston, MA

P.S.  I'm not on tech-pkg, CC'ed repsonses appreciated.

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