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Re: DESTDIR bulk build?

 >>> In other words, I suggest the following: if USE_DESTDIR is set, use
 >>> PKG_DESTDIR_SUPPORT if it set (user-destdir/destdir/none) and set it
 >>> to user-destdir if it not defined.

 >> Usually, for global changes like this one, we test them on a
 >> one-by-one basis and mark packages as tested. When the majority (or
 >> all) is switched, we revert the defaults and remove unnecessary
 >> markers.

> Next round.


Hm. It seems to me that everything is fine with distbb and the problem
comes from pkgsrc itself.

The problem is reproducible and is caused by 

   $ /usr/pkg_unpriv/bin/bmake depends DEPENDS_TARGET=real-package-install 
   => Returning to build of GConf-2.22.0
   => Build dependency intltool>=0.35: NOT found
   => Verifying real-package-install for ../../textproc/intltool
   ===> Install binary package of intltool-0.40.0
   /usr/pkg_unpriv/sbin/pkg_add -K /usr/pkg_unpriv/var/db/pkg 
   pkg_add: no pkg found for 
'/srv/pkgsrc_bin/Debian_unpriv/All/intltool-0.40.0.tbz', sorry.
   pkg_add: 1 package addition failed
   *** Error code 1

Can anybody explain where intltool version 0.40.0 (!) come from?
There are no such versions in pkgsrc. It looks like a bug in pkgsrc.

Evrything works perfectly with target 'do-bin-install'.

I thought that 'real-package-install' is a DESTDIR analog for
'do-bin-install'.  Is this true? How they differ?

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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