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Re: teTeX-bin: pdftex/pdflatex

Joerg Sonnenberger writes:
 > The latter. Too many exceptions to really worry about, effectively
 > ${PREFIX}/bin should be in PATH. I tried to go down the road, but gave
 > up.

Makes sense.  Indeed, if the links are there when doxygen is built,
all is well.  So, back to teTeX-bin. ...

As far as I can tell the culprit is that the links are not there when
the +TETEX script runs fmtutil-sys.  If the links are manually
installed prior to installing teTeX-bin, the appropriate formats are
installed without errors.  However, I am getting the following errors
from the +TETEX script otherwise:

     fmtutil: running `etex -ini   -jobname=etex -progname=etex *etex.ini' ...
     etex: not found
     Error: `etex -ini  -jobname=etex -progname=etex *etex.ini' failed

     fmtutil: running `pdftex -ini   -jobname=pdftex -progname=pdftex 
pdftex.ini' ...
     pdftex: not found
     Error: `pdftex -ini  -jobname=pdftex -progname=pdftex pdftex.ini' failed

     fmtutil: running `pdftex -ini   -jobname=pdflatex -progname=pdflatex 
pdflatex.ini' ...
     pdftex: not found
     Error: `pdftex -ini  -jobname=pdflatex -progname=pdflatex pdflatex.ini' 

It seems that texlinks is run by +TETEX _after_ fmtutil-sys; that
seems perhaps backwards.  However, even if I reverse the order in
INSTALL, texlinks is not in fact creating the links.

Any ideas on where to go from here?

Thanks for your help.


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