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Re: Xlockmore


This looks wrong. At the very least I'd expect to replace /usr/X11 with ${X11BASE}, what's the rationale for using /usr/pkg (better: ${LOCALBASE}?)?

Ok, no problem, I've tried it, that's fine. It should use ${LOCALBASE}, because ${X11BASE} appears empty (at least on my machine with modular-xorg). I'm a bit surprised that ${X11BASE} doesn't point to /usr/pkg with modular-xorg and /usr/X11R6 with the old X, that maybe we do not support anymore?

Also, I think your approach to pull in pthreads is not the best one. I can't find the section documenting how to handle packages that require pthreads in the pkgsrc guide right now, but I think including ../../mk/ is a good first step.

I've tried that. It does not work, -lpthread does not show up. Somewhere else, I saw:

LIBS += -lpthread

Maybe I can try that.

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