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Re: Xlockmore

Am 27.04.2008 um 14:03 schrieb Vincent:
        cd ${WRKSRC};                                                   \
        ${SED} 's/usr\/X11\//usr\/pkg\//g' configure > configure.tmp;        \
        ${RM} configure;                                                \
        ${MV} configure.tmp configure;

        cd ${WRKSRC}/modes;                                             \
        ${SED} 's/-lGL /-lGL -lpthread /g' Makefile > Makefile.tmp;  \
        ${RM} Makefile;                                                 \
        ${MV} Makefile.tmp Makefile;

This looks wrong. At the very least I'd expect to replace /usr/X11 with ${X11BASE}, what's the rationale for using /usr/pkg (better: $ {LOCALBASE}?)?

Also, I think your approach to pull in pthreads is not the best one. I can't find the section documenting how to handle packages that require pthreads in the pkgsrc guide right now, but I think including ../../mk/ is a good first step.

Unfortunately I can't test any of this right now...
Any takers?

 - Hubert (xlockmore maintainer)

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