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Re: test for curses before bootstrap

Roland Illig wrote:
Is curses support really *necessary* for any of the bootstrap tools?

(as far as I remember:)

Currently, it is "necessary" for the FTP client program (tnftp), which requires it for user interaction. I think a good solution would be to disable that part of tnftp, since it is not essential to its main function, which is downloading things.

tnftp has a check for curses support that exits with a warning if it
can't find anything.  pkg_install separately also requires curses,
or at least, as of around two years ago, pkg_install compiles would
fail on hosts that didn't have curses headers available (hence my PR).
As I no longer use Linux for anything, I couldn't say if it's still
truly an issue (I haven't looked through the pkg_install code).



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