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Re: open issue of *OWN/*GRP variables and installation to DESTDIR

Dieter Baron wrote:
In article <> Roland wrote:
: I asked myself the same question: Most packages can install their : executables with permission 555 and their data files with 444, so it : doesn't matter at all whom they belong to.

  The owner of a file can change a file even if it is mode 444:
        chmod 644 <file>
is allowed for the owner.

But even he is not supposed to do that, since then "pkgadmin check" will fail. So for all these files, it doesn't really matter.

Of course, you need to make sure that the owner of all the files is a trusted user. That means that installing packages as root must not create files that are owned by random users. When pkg_add is run by an unprivileged user, this is not a problem.


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