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Re: sed/${SED} and pax/${PAX}

Dieter Baron wrote:
In article <> D'Arcy wrote:
: Roland Illig <> wrote:
: >          Calling the commands by their plain name instead of the macros
: >          is only available in the {pre,do,post}-* targets. For all other
: >          targets, you should still use the macros.

: This seems confusing.  I would rather see consistiency.

  Indeed.  Why are they not available in other targets?

One example where they are not available is "show-var" (and probably any other target that isn't run inside _PKGSRC_BARRIER=yes).

Because pkglint isn't omniscient, I chose to only document that it is guaranteed in the {pre,do,post}-* targets, since they are not intended to be run directly by the user, and they are always run inside the _PKGSRC_BARRIER.

I left all the other cases because that would require even more analysis of pkgsrc's inner workings. In my opinion, pkglint is already slow enough. :)


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