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Re: sed/${SED} and pax/${PAX}

In article <> D'Arcy wrote:
: On Sun, 06 Jan 2008 13:25:53 +0100
: Roland Illig <> wrote:
: > NOTE: autocue/Makefile:18: You can write "cp" instead of "${CP}".
: > 
: >          The wrapper framework from pkgsrc takes care that a sufficiently
: >          capable implementation of that tool will be selected.

: Will this always be true for all tools for all systems that we port to
: or will we one day start getting messages that pax/sed/cp needs to be
: changed to the alternate versions because we have ported pkgsrc to a
: really odd system?

  Yes, it will always be true.  The pkgsrc infrastructure itself needs
sufficiently capable versions of these tools, so they need to exist on
the system, and wrappers for them can (and will be) created.

: > 
: >          Calling the commands by their plain name instead of the macros
: >          is only available in the {pre,do,post}-* targets. For all other
: >          targets, you should still use the macros.

: This seems confusing.  I would rather see consistiency.

  Indeed.  Why are they not available in other targets?


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