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Re: Reducing the number of patches in pkgsrc

> In other cases it is just the easiest way to make the package buildable
> with pkgsrc but is very hard to maintain in the long term because it cannot
> get integrated in the original source. In those cases, The Right Thing To
> Do (tm) would be to add some configurable option (eg,
> "--path-to-foo=/somewhere/pkgsrc/foo" for autoconf scripts) and submit
> _this_ patch to the software author.

A few weeks ago I've counted up a number of patches in autoconf-based
projects in pkgsrc. About 54% (!!!) of them contain patches either in
Makefile* or in configure* files.

Conclusion: The Right Thing To Do (TM) is to ask upstream maintainer
to NOT use autoshit at all ;-) Autoconf and automake are too hard to
most developers. They are overdesigned, are based upon bad idea etc.

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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