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Re: Reducing the number of patches in pkgsrc

Greg Troxel wrote:
  To make things easier in the future, I'd like to have a variable
  SEND_PATCHES_TO in the package Makefiles, so that the patch authors

That sounds sensible, following HOMEPAGE.

It might also make sense to have a machine-parseable format for
recording upstream tracking status in patch files, or to record that it
is a pkgsrc change (e.g., examples/conf file installation).  Then
pkglint could warn when there isn't a recorded status for a patch.

As I said back then, we need some handy tools to keep us away from any manual work.

I just want to say "pkg_send_patches" in a package directory, which then does the following:

- Determine the status of the patches
- Determine where to send the patches
- Send the patches
- Make the appropriate changes to patches/status
- Remind the user to "cvs commit patches/status"

Later, when upstream has decided about the patches, the changes need to be recorded in the patches/status file. That would require another tool.


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