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Re: WiFi Refresh -- Report 4

On Sunday 16 December 2018 06:34:37 you wrote:
> What is the status of this work?

On hold at the moment.   I should restart starting this Wednesday
and have reasonable amount of time to continue for the next
several months.   My $Day job took all of my free time for the
last couple of months.

At last point of work:

     WEP would associate, but I couldn't get any packets.
      (But that was the same for me with the same driver on the
       old stack ... and WEP is insecure so I didn't put much time
       to work on it.)

      I started working with wpa_supplicant ... and got stuck when
      a scan by wpa_supplicant caused a panic.  I was still working
      on figuring that out when my $Day job started again in the
      fall and I didn't have any NetBSD dev time.


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