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Re: WiFi Refresh -- Report 4

Phil Nelson <> wrote:
> After 200 hours of work on porting the FreeBSD WiFi stack to
> NetBSD, I finally have one driver (urtwn) working in station
> mode over an open AP.   This is the first step in getting
> a successful port.
> <...>
> More work will be happening on this in September.   I expect about 50
> more hours of work before the end of September.   After that, I will
> continue to work on it, but at a slower pace.  The final report will
> be at the end of September.
>    Work for September is expected to be:
>       a)  WEP and WPA
>       b)  urtwn clean-up
>       c)  documentation so others may help

What is the status of this work?



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