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Re: Enabling SLAAC for IPv6 by default

Roy Marples <> writes:

> dhcpcd generates stable private addresses - not temporary addresses.
> These are a different beast and a better solution than temporary addresses.
> See RFC 7217.

It would be nice to have a reference in dhcpcd(8) about this; I found it
in the dhcpcd.conf(5) page.

It is hard for me to tell from the dhcpcd.conf man page, but it seems
like the default for slaac is hwaddr (since it's listed first), but the
config file installed with the OS says "private".

I'm generally a fan of being able to operate with defaults with no
config file at all, so it would be nice to clarify in the man page which
options are effective in the absence of a config file.  (Admittedly this
is a nit; the documentation now that I'm reading answers almost all of
my questions.)

So perhaps the kernel code should be modified to support, and prefer by
default over the original SLAAC, the RFC7217 mechanism, to address the
concern Pierre raises for the case when someone uses the in-kernel
SLAAC client?   Or perhaps the situation we have, where it is disabled
by default, is ok?

Or is Pierre concerned about a host having the same address *on the same
subnet/link* over time?

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