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Re: Enabling SLAAC for IPv6 by default

On 25/09/2018 00:11, Joerg Sonnenberger wrote:
On Tue, Sep 25, 2018 at 12:33:50AM +0200, Pierre Pronchery wrote:
during my talk yesterday at EuroBSDCon 2018
( I
mentioned the SLAAC privacy extensions for IPv6 (RFC 4941). They help
maintain privacy on the Internet when using IPv6, by using a random
address when auto-configuring IPv6 addresses (ie with "ip6mode=autohost"
set in /etc/rc.conf).

Given that we generally recomment to use dhcpcd nowadays, I don't think
we have to do anything.

He's specifically talking about temporary addresses.
dhcpcd enables stable private addresses by default instead.

dhcpcd does however read the net.inet6.ip6.use_tempaddr sysctl and act accordingly and thus defaults to what the kernel is setup to do.

I could add an option to dhcpcd to set the sysctls by default in dhcpcd.conf, but not all OS's allow userland to set temporay addresses which is why I choose to read the kernel option and re-act accordingly.


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