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Re: Enabling SLAAC for IPv6 by default

On Tue, Sep 25, 2018 at 9:46 AM Roy Marples <> wrote:

> They will vanish when the lifetime expires.
> This is my real issue, they are useless for persistent connections.
> > I checked one each netbsd-7 and netbsd-8, configured for dhcpcd, and
> > they have both link-local (fe80::) and global v6 addresses that do not
> > appear to have been formed from the MAC address.
> dhcpcd generates stable private addresses - not temporary addresses.
> These are a different beast and a better solution than temporary addresses.
> See RFC 7217.
> > Do we know if there are mechanisms to keep temporary addresses in
> > deprecated state while ?in use"?
> Even if in use, they vanish when expired.
> See my above issue.

Sorry for the possible hijack.

Can someone educate me or point me to documentation on how NetBSD (or
possibly anything else) uses these various IPv6 addresses from
"myself" outward?

I play with IPv6 a little. I set up ipsec between 2 machines using
their SLAAC address which stayed stable. If I set up some other
listener I probably would want to use that address as well, or some
other permanent address.

But if I want to, say, browse the internet from one of those machines,
I think I want the outbound connection to be initiated from a
temporary address.

How does the OS decide?


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