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Making bpf MPSAFE (was Re: struct ifnet and ifaddr handling ...)


I thought I need more experience of pserialize
(and lock primitives) to tackle ifnet work.
So I suspended the work and now I am trying
another easier task, bpf.

I add a spin mutex to both struct bpf_d and
bpf_if to protect them. And also a pair of
pserialize and mutex is added to protect
bpf_iflist and its items (bpf_if). There remains
two critical sections where may block/sleep
(See "XXX may block" comment). IIUC, I have to
get rid of them somehow, right?

BTW, I worry about there is no easy way to
know if a function in a critical section
blocks/sleeps or not. So I wrote a patch to
detect that:
Is it meaningful?


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