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Re: iscsi (initiator) unstable

I have traced it back to 6.99.15.
The problems disappear with 6.99.15.
The in-kernel iscsi code did not change between
6.99.15 till now, which means that
changes in the file system code in that
timeframe are very likely responsible
for the problems.


2014-07-06 15:20 GMT+02:00 Zafer Aydoğan <>:
> Hello List,
> I am new to the iscsi world and I am experiencing some difficulties getting
> iscsi to work reliably with NetBSD without knowing the core reason.
> I hope to figure it out and to fix the issues with this discussion.
> Status Quo:
> I have a server running 6.99.45 amd64 very smoothly and I have an
> iscsi target in
> the same network that I can connect to as described in iscsictl(8).
> After the logging in the sd0 disk device is present (or dk0 when
> formatted with gpt)
> and I can successfully newfs and mount the disk.
> Everything looks fine to this point.
> But the trouble starts as soon as I am writing data to the new storage.
> Copying files or creating a big sparse file (50 GB) with dd will stop
> the connection
> to the storage quite fast. Disk activity with small files will delay
> the interruption. The smaller the later.
> There is no obvious network problem. I can see packets flying around
> until they suddenly stop.
> When the connection stops, then the process is in state tstile (ps D).
> Everything else works fine. No crash or hang.
> I can cd to /storage but writes to the disk will not complete and
> wedge in tstile as well.
> Additionally, I can re-establish the iscsi session, which will give me
> a new disk device sd1, that I can mount and the story starts over.
> Running iscsid in debug mode does not reveal anything special.
> I tried different mount options (sync, log) because I thought
> that syncing data to the disk was the reason. But no luck.
> In my frustration I tried different file systems (lfs, ext2fs, v7fs),
> but all of them will stop working sooner or later, except v7fs, but
> thats due to the very low write-speed, I think.
> Any help is appreciated.
> Cheers,
> Zafer

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