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Re: MACSEC and if_msk.c

On 1/06/2014 9:43 PM, Richard PALO wrote:
Le 01/06/14 13:20, Darren Reed a écrit :
On 1/06/2014 7:36 PM, Richard PALO wrote:
Also, I understand there is no checksum offloading, is this being
worked on by someone? Is there a NetBSD maintainer for this code that
I could solicit some specific hints?

Checksum offloading is present... e.g.:

# ifconfig wm0



Okay, I'll look at those sources. Thanks.

The manpage (at the end) indicates that it is unimplemented
(and certainly doesn't seem to implement anything like FreeBSD did):

     This driver is experimental.

     Support for checksum offload is unimplemented.

Performance with at least some Marvell-based adapters is poor, especially on loaded PCI buses or when the adapters are behind PCI-PCI bridges. It is believed that this is because the Marvell parts have significantly
     less buffering than the original SysKonnect cards had

Ah, support for checksum offload varies per NIC driver but the kernel has
support for the feature if the driver writer wants to make use of it.


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