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Re: MACSEC and if_msk.c

Le 01/06/14 13:20, Darren Reed a écrit :
On 1/06/2014 7:36 PM, Richard PALO wrote:
Also, I understand there is no checksum offloading, is this being
worked on by someone? Is there a NetBSD maintainer for this code that
I could solicit some specific hints?

Checksum offloading is present... e.g.:

# ifconfig wm0



Okay, I'll look at those sources. Thanks.

The manpage (at the end) indicates that it is unimplemented
(and certainly doesn't seem to implement anything like FreeBSD did):

     This driver is experimental.

     Support for checksum offload is unimplemented.

     Performance with at least some Marvell-based adapters is poor, especially
     on loaded PCI buses or when the adapters are behind PCI-PCI bridges.  It
     is believed that this is because the Marvell parts have significantly
     less buffering than the original SysKonnect cards had.

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