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Re: Static interface routes for IP address on different subnet doesn't send an ARP who-has

This does seem like a bug.  It's interesting that it works on FreeBSD,
since much of the code has shared heritage.

The basic approach to arp is to have a cloning route ("C" flag) which
causes arp procesing for addresses within the prefix but for which there
isn't an llinfo (L) entry.

  route add -host -link -iface vioif0

Why are you giving "-link", with no mac address?  That seems wrong, and
it seems like a bug in route not to throw an error.  The trick is to
have a routing table entry that will provoke arp.

What command do you run on FreeBSD, and what does the routing table look

I suggest running 'route -n monitor' while doing all of this, to watch
the routing socket.

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