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Network stress testing tools

Hi list!

I am looking for a library or set of tools I can integrate in a project to "simulate" a typical network behavior: latency(ies), packet lossage, out of order sequence, etc.

It would be cool that this kind of tools is purely userland based; ultimately I would like to use it for regression testing a set of libraries I am currently developping, and prefer to have it packaged easily so other people using my libraries could "make test" it too. I would expect it to hook socket/read/write/... syscalls.

Unfortunately all my research has so far failed. Most solutions I have found require either a dedicated machine to run and have admin rights (uhhh) like Lunix traffic control (tc), or heavyweight stuff like we have with rump and atf/kyua.

So, dear fellow develociraptors, what are you using to test your new network code, be it kernel based or not?


Jean-Yves Migeon

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