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Re: IPF state tables

EF> 1. What units are fr_state{size,max} in and how many of these do I need to 
EF>    store one state? Or the other way round: If I want to keep n states,
EF>    what do I set these to and how much kernel memory will that cost?
DR> If you're not using -current, the best way is to recompile the kernel with
DR> specific options...
I don't see how that answers my question.
Is fr_statesize in number of states, bytes, words, pages or which unit?
If I want to be able to deal with 2000 active states, do I need 
fr_statesize=2000 or 2000*16 or 200*5746 or what multiplicator?

> The latter question is answered with "ipfstat -s".
Ah yes, thanks.

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