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ipv6/128 at the and of a chain of link local forwarders using tap device

Hi folks,

i had today a success getting around this problem with neighbor
discovery between different prefixes of IPv6.

The setup is unchanged, except of the end one, where i did not put the
 /128 IPv6 adddress on the NIC, but created a TAP device where i put
that on.

So it goes like this:
"Host" --- vboxnet0<<linklocal>>wm0 ---
"NetBSD1" --- wm1<<linklocal>>wm0 ---
"NetBSD2" --- wm1<<linklocal>>wm0 ---
"NetBSD3" --- tap0<<Prefix/128||

The only problem with this is that you can not have any global/or
unique/ address on the NIC on the last host in chain, to me
NetBSD3/wm0 because then he takes that one to go to NetBSD2 and there
it would end.

Not a clean solution, but works very well.
However, I would still love to have RFC4861 like to FreeBSD.

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