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ndp -a stops for a while because of lo0

Hi folks,

I noticed that on NetBSD 6.0, when you want ndp to show you the entries
table it stops first for a while because he looks also on lo0 so on the
loopback device which does not have any linklayer address on NetBSD.

On Linux I saw that Linux gets around this problem with having all
zeroes as the MACADDR of the loopback device. FreeBSD does not show any
loopback devices with ndp -a so neighbor discovery seems to be disabled
for loopback on FreeBSD by default also for the device itself.

When i call ndp -a on NetBSD i get the following (among others):
fe80::1%lo0     (incomplete)    lo0 permanent R
cool, but on Linux I have only ::1 as the lo addrv6. So why is there
any fe80::1%lo0 "link scan" address at all?

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