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Re: Feedback on change to rshd...

In article <>,
Darren Reed  <> wrote:
>In doing test development for ipfilter, I've become aware of what I'd
>consider to be a bug in rshd: it does not force the use of the same
>local address for the source of the stderr connection as was the
>destination for the inbound connection - see PR#46703. This
>behaviour seems to be common to BSD but not necessarily
>other platforms. Details including a patch can be found here:
>Whilst the patch as it is works, I'm unsure as to whether that is
>the correct patch or not. To be specific, whether the interface
>that has been added to unistd.h should be rresvport_af_addr()
>or something else - for example rresvport_fd(), where fd is
>the original connection from which both the family and local
>address can be determined.

af_addr seems more general to me.


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